Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur (IIEST Shibpur) is a national engineering and research institution located in Shibpur, Howrah district, West Bengal. It is classified as an Institute of National Importance. The institute was established to train scientists and engineers even before India gained its independence dating back to 1856.

What is Instruo?

Instruo, the Latin synonym for “creation” exudes our commitment to innovation and creativity. Instruo is the signature festival of IIEST, Shibpur since before INI elevation. It can be considered as a Techno-Management fest as it has a craze for Technical as well as Non-Technical disciplines.

Instruo through the years has evolved to be the largest Techno-Management fest of Kolkata. Flagship events like The Innovation Challenge pull in Technology Enthusiasts all over the Country to contribute to feats otherwise reserved for college goers. We at Instruo also aim to put the women in society at the forefront. With WonderGirl we aim to give girls their chance. With the ever moving world, it is our effort at embracing Gender Equality. Through initiatives like ICCHE, we aim to bring education in every corner of our Society. Focusing on Equality for the LGBTQ community we have curate events that reek of collective growth and brotherhood.

In 2016 we were delighted to have with us Sir Abhas Mitra as our guest lecturer and our chairman K.Radhakrishnan, former director of ISRO as 2015 guest lecturer.

The core committee also conducts various events like workshops in months leading up to Instruo. Over the Last few years, from humble beginnings, we have outpaced growth in all segments. With major changes in our working structure this year we aim to bring you a Greater, Grander Instruo. We have shredded our scales that held us back and have geared up for bigger feats. Come, join us as we move forward for a better world, a stronger India!

How to reach IIEST Shibpur

For students coming from outside Kolkata:
1) If you are coming by train, it’s likely that your arrival station is Howrah or Sealdah. IIEST Shibpur is just a 20 mins taxi ride from Howrah Station. You can book a Howrah City Police Taxi to IIEST Shibpur, their booking price is ₹105. You can choose bus over a taxi as Howrah Bus Stand is next to Howrah Railway Station. Just board bus number 61 or 80 / B.Garden bus. But if your arrival is to Sealdah, IIEST Shibpur is 30 mins taxi ride from Sealdah station. You can book a cab for ₹180 to ₹220.
2) If you are coming by bus, it’s likely that your arrival spot is Esplanade. IIEST Shibpur is just a 25 mins taxi ride from Esplanade.
3) If you are coming by flight, it’s likely that your arrival will be at Gate 4B. Just before the gate, there are taxi booking services (inside the airport). IIEST Shibpur is 1½ hours from Kolkata airport. You can book a Bidhannagar City Police Taxi to IIEST Shibpur their booking price is around ₹380.

For students coming from Kolkata:
From Howrah Station: Bus No. 61,80.
From Dharmatala through Howrah Bridge: B.Garden – Dharmatala Minibus; Bus No. 55, 59;
From North Calcutta: Alampur – Ultadanga Mini Bus; Ranihati – Rajabajar Mini Bus; Fatikgachhi-Rajabajar Minibus.
From Kolkata through Vidyasagar Setu: Barasat – B. Garden Bus; Alampur – Kolkata Station Bus; Andul Station Road – New Town Bus; K7; Dhulagorh – Bibirhat Bus.
Name of Stoppage :- B. E. College Gate 1 (just before B.Gargen stoppage)

See IIEST Shibpur on Google Maps

If you face any difficulty reaching IIEST Shibpur, contact Shubham 7980270600

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How to reach IIEST Shibpur?